Security starts with SENSTAR

TCP Listener

Links video to Business Processes

The TCP Listener is a Senstar Symphony module that listens for incoming metadata over a TCP socket and associates it with an image or video, enabling organizations to use data like barcodes or serial numbers when searching for photos and recorded video. An ROI can be gained by reducing the amount of time it takes to conduct investigations and reduce warranty claims.

TCP  Listener
TCP  Listener

Visually Track Containers and Packages

Link surveillance footage to scanned data from shipping containers and packages. Resolve missing or damaged package investigations by quickly retrieving video footage of the package at key processing stages.

TCP  Listener

Resolve QA Issues

Use events generated by microcontroller devices on the manufacturing floor to visually document each stage of a product as it moves through the manufacturing process. Quickly find and isolate the cause of defects by viewing the product at each state along the timeline.